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Social Service: Leuven

The Social Service strives to ensure that every student can study 'care-free'. We want to be a 'steppingstone' where you can ask any question of a practical, legal or financial nature related to your stay as a student in Leuven and where you can find a sympathetic ear in case of personal or emotional troubles. The consultation is free of charge and confidential.

Who can contact the Social Service?

All international students from KU Leuven, University colleges Leuven-Limburg, Group T and the Lemmens Institute, as well as their partners, are welcome to contact our service.

What can you contact the Social Service for ? 

  • Information
    You can contact us with questions about social security, insurances, child care, schools, child allowance, accidents, ...
  • Mediation
    If you receive letters or bills from tax authorities, health insurance, the court, the city of Leuven, your electricity company,… and you want some help, you can ask our advice and support.
    We can also help you handle issues regarding consumer problems (eg. debts, buying goods, contracts).
    In case of legal technicalities, we will refer you to our colleague of the Legal Service.
  • For a sympathetic ear
    Are you having troubles adjusting, facing family problems or any kind of personal or emotional difficulties ?
    Don't hesitate and come to the Social Service. We will lend you a sympathetic ear and try to find a solution for your problems.
  • Financial help
    You must have sufficient financial means to cover your study and living costs for the whole of your stay in Leuven. Take into account that it is practically impossible to finance your studies and living expenses as a job student. The Social Service can only offer limited financial help for students who find themselves in a temporary and unforeseen financial difficulty, through no fault of their own.  


What to do with those tax forms?

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