European Society for Catholic theology

Founded in 1989, the society brings together theologians from different countries in Europe, from national and regional sections, working both in the Church and in society.

church and society

Building a strong connection between theological institutes, universities, academies, seminaries, within both Church and society

The aim of the European Society for Catholic Theology is to promote the academic discipline of Catholic theology primarily at the intersection where Church and society meet. As a systematic reflection on ‘faith seeking understanding’, Catholic theology engages in interdisciplinary research and education which is loyal and yet constructively critical vis-à-vis the Church, while at the same time meeting the highest academic standards of the academy. The Society offers itself as a service both to the Church and to society across Europe by supporting its members, both lay and cleric, in engaging with the many questions which challenge Christian faith as well as contemporary European culture.

The organization aims to encourage the communication, promotion and support of theological education, research, and services. ESCT publishes a bi-annual journal in which the diverse problems that challenge contemporary theological debate in Europe are explored and discussed. Every two years, the society also organizes an international congress.

International Presidium


Prof Dr. Milos Lichner

Bratislava, Slovakia


Prof. Dr. Margit Eckholt

Osnabrück, Germany

Editor-in-chief ET-studies

Gerhard Kruip

Mainz, Germany


Dries Bosschaert

Leuven, Belgium

Regional board member

Maureen Junker-Kenny

Dublin, Ireland

regional board member

John Berry

Valletta, Malta

regional board member

Ottilia Lukács

Pécs, Hungary