ET-Studies is an academic journal for the study of theological and interdisciplinary perspectives on faith and religion in contemporary Europe. It is the journal of the European Society for Catholic Theology, and as such, it reflects openness to voices and positions from all disciplines within theology and religious studies, as well as other relevant disciplines at European universities. The journal strongly encourages dialogue between Eastern and Western Europe, and engages itself in academic discussions with representatives from other Christian churches, and from other religious and cultural traditions. Unlike many other academic journals, ET-Studies does not maintain a disciplinary or thematic focus, rather it publishes articles on a range of topics and theories that concern the sources, histories and worldviews of faith-communities that shape contemporary European culture. In the wake of the pastoral constitution Gaudium et Spes of the Second Vatican Council, it seeks suitable ways of witnessing the truth and communicating theological doctrines to the European people.
The journal is especially concerned with new developments in the humanities, natural and social sciences, and is open to confront the challenges that cultural and political developments pose for theology. Its editors share the opinion that theology should respond to the signs of the times, and therefore promote the journal to be engaged in discussions on, e.g. contemporary atheism, religious diversity, religion and technology, the rise of religious fundamentalism, and globalisation. Authors are cordially invited to contribute to academic reflection on contemporary questions on God and humanity and the spirit of salvation in contemporary European societies.


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From 1989 to 2009 Bulletin ET was the journal of the European Society for Catholic Theology.