Peter Hünermann Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Theology in Europe

Until now the European Society for Catholic Theology has been funded almost entirely by its membership fees, with some additional sponsorship for its international congresses.

In 2008 the Peter Huenermann Foundation was established in order to intensify the European Society’s research activities through the initiation and development of several special projects. In the first instance, the Foundation will financially support the continuing evolution of the Society’s journal “ET-Studies” which has the ambition to become one of Europe’s leading international peer-reviewed theological journals. The intention of the Editorial Board is to serve European-wide theological reflection by explicating theological themes from their varying European perspectives, and so to contribute to reform and renewal in the Church and in European society in general.

The Foundation will offer young theological researchers some targeted financial and other supports. As its first initiative in this regard the Society has begun to offer prizes for outstanding essays in the different theological disciplines as well as in the area of Philosophy of Religion.  

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Bank Account of the Foundation
Official Receiver of Donations: Bistum Rottenburg-Stuttgart
Account Number: 5404002
Bank: VolksbankHerrenberg-Rottenburg
Bank Sort Code: 60391310
IBAN: DE 48 603 913 10 000 54 04 002
For the benefit of: Peter Hünermann – Stiftung, KST: 531170 

For further information:

Prof. Dr. Eamonn Conway 
Chair of the Foundation Committee  

Dr. Dries Bosschaert 
General Secretary, European Society for Catholic Theology