Young Curatorium

The ESCT Young Curatorium is a theological think-thank of emerging scholars assisting the ESCT presidium to provide input from young scholars; to formulate their views on the state of theology, to be able to better support their interests, and to develop the ESCT mission more in line with the perspectives of a younger generation to truly work on the future of theology.




Emanuele Avallone

Pontificia Università Lateranense, Rome – Institut Ecclesia Mater

  • Histoire de l’Église
  • Commission théologique internationale
  • Histoire et réception du Concile Vatican II
  • Politiques publiques, droits humains
  • Débat entre la théologie et l’économie.

Stephanie Höllinger

University of Mainz – Departement of Moral Theology

  • Relationships: esp. Marriage, Family, Partnership
  • Sexuality in the Life Cycle: Infertility, Old Age, Bodiliness
  • Public Life: esp. (Digital) Media, Communication

Judith Klaiber

Catholic Private University Linz – Institute for Practical Theology

  • Human Values and Value-Edification (European Values Study)
  • Leadership / Management
  • Digital Transformation Processes (Work / Ethics / Anthropology)
  • Diversity / Equality

Martin Koci

University of Vienna – Institute for Philosophy

  • Transformative encounters between philosophy and theology
  • Theological turn in contemporary phenomenology
  • Sacrifice, the world, finitude and other fundamental theological topics

Nenad Polgar

University of Vienna and University of Zagreb

  • Fundamental moral theology (normative ethics, action theory, methodology)
  • History of moral theology, bioethics, sexual ethics