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Clinical and Experimental Endocrinology

Our mission is to unravel the pathogenic mechanisms of diseases related to human endocrinology and metabolism and to develop preventive and therapeutic strategies for these disorders. The main research topics include diabetes, metabolic bone diseases, bone repair and bone metastases, Vitamin D metabolism and non-skeletal effects of vitamin D and its analogs, androgens and the musculoskeletal system, thyroid disorders, nutrition, obesity and its metabolic consequences. Close interactions between the different groups of the research section as well as within the department enable us to embark on research topics of integrative physiology such as: organ-specific autoimmune diseases, intestinal (nutrient/calcium) absorption and bone metabolism, vitamin D in pulmonary diseases, bone metabolism and musculoskeletal aging. The close interaction between more basic-oriented researchers and medical doctors enable us to translate our findings in fundamental research to clinical applications with on-going studies in transplantation of pancreatic islets, prevention of type 1 diabetes, intervention in obesity and type 2 diabetes, bone metabolism in aging men, thyroid oncology, etc.

Principal investigators: Geert Carmeliet (head), Leen Antonio, Katrien Fouzia Benhalima, Brigitte Decallonne, Pieter Gillard, Matthias Lannoo, Chantal Mathieu, Christophe Matthys, Ann Mertens, Ann Meulemans, Mitsugu Shimobayashi, Bart Van Der Schueren, Dirk Vanderschueren, Roman Vangoitsenhoven, Mieke Verstuyf


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