Via Celestijnenlaan and Kapeldreef. 
Main entrance
There are two entrances to entrance hall 00.191, one on the side of Kapeldreef and one on the side of the courtyard. Both entrances have a ramp and doors that open outwards. The entrances are wheelchair accessible providing assistance.
There is a secretariat in the entrance hall. 
In the entrance hall. 
Adapted sanitary facilities
On the ground floor and the third floor, can be accessed via the lift. 
KU Leuven car park
There are several parking facilities on the Arenberg III grounds. The most convenient, freely accessible parking facility for Computerwetenschappen is Car park Computerwetenschappen en Monitoraten. Due to works this car park is not accessible, you can use Car park Auditoria or Car park Seminarielokalen instead. (see accessibility map). 
Adapted KU Leuven parking space
There are two adapted parking spaces in Car park Auditoria. 
The Car park Instituut Natuurkunde Navorsing I (Central Car Park) and Car park Instituut Natuurkunde Navorsing II on the Arenberg III site are only accessible if you have a valid access card. More information on visitor car parks and KU Leuven parking and admission policy.


  • Adapted KU Leuven parking space : Yes
  • Reception desk: Yes
  • Adapted toilet : Yes
  • Adapted shower room : No
  • Adapted dressing room : No
  • Library and study room : No
  • Lecture hall and auditorium : Yes
  • Class- and meeting room : Yes
  • Socio-cultural and logistics area : Yes

How to reach the building?

The use of the KU Leuven buildings can be affected by corona measures.
More info can be found here.

From the public road

By bus

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By car

Public car parks: public car parks city centre Leuven.

Nearest car parks KU Leuven:
The car parks can only be used provided you have valid access rights. More info about the KU Leuven parking policy.

Lecture Hall (Auditorium)

Socio-cultural and logistics area

Sanitary facilities

Lift and ramp