04.05 - GA1

Accessible to people with reduced mobility The adapted sanitary facilities are accessible from the room to people with reduced mobility There is no audio induction loop for the hearing impaired

Ghb - Onderwijs & Navorsing 1 (402-19)
O&N I Herestraat 49 , 3000 Leuven

Building info

Accessibility: via wheelchair entrance 04.499.

Adapted sanitary facilities: on this floor, in the corridor of the seminary rooms.

Particulars: there is one adapted wheelchair space at the top of the room. There are doors with a door pump on the way to the room.

Other equipments of this room (only consultable by students and staff)



  • Main entrance accessible to everyone
  • Power sockets throughout the room
  • Sufficient room for wheelchair users

Number of seats

  • Possible wheelchair spaces: 1

Wheelchair space

  • Not integrated in room
  • At least 0.90 m x 1.40 m
  • On horizontal surface
  • Clear turning circle of 1.50 m adjacent to seat


  • No audio induction loop available

Difference in level

  • Thresholds are maximum 2 cm high

Lift, stairs or ramp

Safety of the stairs

  • Contrast in marking on first and last step
  • No tactile markings on each step
  • Non-slip floor
  • Floor not shiny and non-reflective


Door to/from connecting space (04.32)
Double door (wheelchair access to the auditorium)

Dimension of door and clear space

  • Clear passage width: 85 cm single door, 150 cm double doors
  • Even, clear turning circle of 1.50 m in front of and behind door

Manual door control system

  • No lever-type handle (handle)
  • Equipped with door pump, force required to open
  • Clear space of 50 cm on side of handle

Visual contrast

  • Sufficient contrast between door elements

Difference in level

  • Threshold of maximum 2 cm high