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American College


The American College is one of KU Leuven’s non-subsidized residences located at 100A Naamsestraat, Leuven.

The College offers 17 studio’s and 141 rooms to approximately 180 students, boys and girls, from different faculties and nationalities.

In addition it features a big garden, a separate relaxation room and a large banquet hall which is also available to the entire University.

This historical building is sited on a serene and safe location in the close proximity of the city center, the Central University institutions and public transportation.

This is my second year of studying at KU Leuven and living in American College. I appreciate the comfortable accommodation in this historical monument, as well as the opportunity to live in a community with both local and international students. American College is for me a cosy home to live, more than a mere “kot” to stay.


Thomas Hoekstra made a movie from the American College with a drone. Check out the American College and its surroundings from the sky!

The students of (partly international) hall M. L. King made a visual tour through the College.


American College in Leuven