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THE LATEST NEWS - March 2017

‘Be Bold for Change’ is the motto of International Women’s Day in 2017. Let’s take it for real and dare to change something, small or big, at home or at work, for yourself or for others.

We’d like to dare a change for V&U in 2017 by refining/redefining our goals, plans and strategies and by working towards becoming a larger group with more active members. Therefore we invite you all to think together with us about these issues and provide us (by e-mail, comments/suggestions/interesting links.

  • V&U has a Facebook page: Please feel free to like/share it of post relevant information on it; it is just a beginning, so suggestions for improvements are welcome. We are looking for somebody to manage/update this page regularly. Interested? Email to and
  • We are updating our V&U KU Leuven webpage ( and looking forward for a colleague interested in helping with this. Interested? Email to and
  • new image campaign entitled ‘Inspired by’ will start on the 15-th March 2017 and it will run up to the 10-th of May 2017. Details about participation will be posted on FB and on our website.
  • On the 18-the of April 2017 we would like to invite you to our Spring event: Workshop Fighting Everyday Sexism in Academia given by Nena Mocnik - applied drama practitioner.



The history of V&U

De werkgroep Vrouw & Universiteit is in 1996 ontstaan naar aanleiding van de vaststelling dat vrouwen sterk ondervertegenwoordigd zijn in het hoger kader van de universiteit. De werkgroep wil hier iets aan doen door o.a. iedereen aan onze universiteit bewust te maken van de vrouw/man-thematiek, door een mentaliteitswijziging op gang te brengen en door beleidsgerichte maatregelen die een vrouw- en gezinsvriendelijker klimaat kunnen scheppen, voor te stellen.

Please consider signing the commitment to geder equality at scholarly conferences petition to be found at:

The work group Woman & University arose in 1996 in response to the realisation that women are greatly underrepresented in the higher eschelons of the university. The group wants to do something about it by bringing everyone at our university together who had an interest in altering the gender inbalance by means of a change in the mentality and by launching policy-oriented measures that are women and family friendly.

Here is an article (in Dutch) about the birth of this group.


Our main goals for 2016-17 are:

1) Refine and re-define our strategies, focus and priorities to attract more active members
2) Conduct an image building campaign regarding inspirational role models
3) Propose a honorary doctorate for a female leader
4) Organize a workshop/training session for V&U members regarding 'Sexism in Academia' .
Our main goals for 2015-16 were:
1) Prepare a policy document on internationalisation requirements and outgoing mobilisation for young ZAP
2) Image building project female role models
3) Propose a doctoral degree for a female leader
4) Management training 'women only'.
5) Propose tenure track 'women only'
Our main goals for 2014-15 were:
1) Propose strategy effective research time
2) Image building project female role models
3) Propose a doctoral degree for a female leader
4) Excellence in academia event, a diversity perspective
Our main goals for 2013-14 were:
1) Internal organisation/communication of VenU
2) Highlighting of problems concerning the academic parenthood trap (see tab notes written by V&U
3) Focusing on a new structure for hiring/promotion
4) The lack of education/research and gender at the KULeuven
5) Raising knowledge concerning gender, implicit bias and stereotyping
Our main goals for 2012-13 were:
1) Introduce the research calculus
2) Put the topic of gender onto the KULeuven rectoral elections
3) Raise awareness about implicit bias
For more information see:

Image campaign 2017 Beeldcampagne 2017



The working group Vrouw en Universiteit (Women & University) wants to make everyone at KU Leuven more aware about gender and diversity themes, by literally creating more "visibility" for various profiles giving expression to the broad theme of diversity.

Therefore we are launching INSPIRED BY, a photo contest that emphasizes the diversity at KU Leuven through the sources of inspiration for our (daily) life or career. A colleague with a technical profile can be inspired by a psychologists/artist/politician or vice-versa. Nowadays we are still inspired by a book or a worldwide-known person, but sometimes an inspiration is a casual finding on other media (www, blogs, newspapers) or just simply a person you know and admire. Anything can be a source of inspiration for a day or for a lifetime. Your own ideas are more than welcome.

Photos may be submitted from the 20-th of March until the 20-th of May 2017. The selection committee (representatives of V&U, Diversity council, Student feminist society, the KU Leuven’s professional photographer, the BOF-ZAP gender and others) will select 10 photos to be printed on posters and distributed within KU Leuven. The authors of the selected photographs will be personally notified via a 'comment' in their photos asking to pass their contact information. The noticed participants will be invited to submit their high-resolution versions of the photos by the 1-st of June 2017.

Photo Contest conditions

Participants: students, (academic) staff of KU Leuven, external parties with a link to KU Leuven

Photo contest period: 20 March – 20 May 2017

How to participate:

  • Share one or more photos related to your source(s) of inspiration on our Facebook page with the mention ‘Inspired by’
  • Add your core message (in Dutch or English) to each submitted photo, like e.g., ‘This person/book/quote/blog,... inspires me because…….  OR inspires me to…….
  • Only photos taken by yourself are eligible; keep the original high-resolution versions of your photos (essential for quality of the posters)
  • Share and tag as many photos as you want, but ask written permission to the people who are 'in the picture' in order to use the photo for the campaign (when selected, proof of such permission (written informed consent) is required)
  • With your participation in this competition you agree with unlimited use of all (or part) of the uploaded pictures in the communication of V&U and of KU Leuven in general



    • Everyone can vote for the participating photos through "likes"
    • Five photos with the most likes on Facebook on the 20-th of May 2017 at 12:00 will be considered by jury
    • In addition, the jury itself will choose five additional photos
    • The jury will award a surprise prize for the best photo


      Good luck!


Submit your photo's