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Sport offer 2018-2019


Sport offer - regular

We have listed below all the sports organised at the University Sports Centre and the UCLL sports hall. For most of the sports you only need your sports card, for others you need to enroll and/or pay extra for (if necessary, price and enrollment period are always mentioned).

Some sports require enrollment: This can be weekly (reserve a spot every week again); or each semester (enroll once for the entire semester). This will always be mentioned under the item “Enrollment”.

Dance Team Individual    
Aerobics Baseball & SlowPitch Athletics Golf Small group circuittraining
Ballet Basketball Back in action Gymnastics Snowboard
Cheerleading Beachvolley Badminton Indoor climbing Spelunking
Dance Power Handball Bodypower Indoor cycling Sportdegustation
Fatburning Hockey Body shock Judo Start to run
Figure training Indoor soccer Bootcamp Karate Sunrise workout
Funky jazz Korfball Boxing fit Kayak Swimming
Heels Rugby Calisthenics Kung Fu Table tennis
Modern dance Soccer Capoeira Orienteering Tactical_body_training
Step - BBB Sports for the disabled Circuit training Parkour Taekwondo
Streetdance Ultimate frisbee Mountaineering Physical activity coach Tai chi
Swing-Rock Volleyball Condition training Pilates Tennis
Zumba Waterpolo Core & mobility class POP_pilates Trampoline
    Cycling, Mountain bike Power training Triathlon
    Fencing Rope skipping TRX-workout
    Fitness Rock climbing X-fit
    Fitness UCLL Running the big 5 Yoga
    Gliding Scuba-diving