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Bicycle for commute and workrelated travel

On this page you find everything about work related transportation

Bicycle parking regulations

It is important to use the available bicycle parkings and facilities. You will find more information on the correct use of the KU Leuven bicycle parkings in the bicycle parking regulations. It is just as important to park your bicycle correctly on public terrain. This way, you can avoid your bicycle being removed. For instance at the railway station, parking your bike in the indoor parking is a must. Not only are you keeping the surroundings free of obstacles for the visually impaired, wheelchairs, the elderly, … But there is a big chance that police will remove your bike when it is not parked correctly. You’ll find an overview of all KU Leuven bicycle parkings in the Quivr-application.

Bicycle repair

Velo fix stations and Bicycle pump network

For small repairs or to inflate your tires, you can use the Velo fix Stations (VFS) or the bicycle pump network. The Velo Fix stations are constructions equipped with various tools to use while repairing your bike. You’ll find instruction videos accessible by QR codes on the VFS. There are 15 additional locations with just bicycle pumps to inflate your tires. You’ll find the exact locations of both the pumps (red bulbs) and the publicly accessible VFS (green bulbs) on the map below. The VFS and the bicycle pump network are maintained by the bicycle stewards. If you notice any defects or problems, don’t hesitate to contact them.

“Fietsatelier”: DIY bicycle repair

If the repairs on your bike are more substantial, stop by our bicycle repairshop. You’ll learn how to fix your own bike with the help of a professional Velo bike technician. Advice and use of the tools is completely free for students! And maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about bicycle repair. Spare parts (secondhand or new) will be sold at fair prices.

Where: Minderbroedersstraat 50, 3000 Leuven
When: Monday – Thursday from 10:00 until 17:30


If you’d rather leave the repairs to someone else, go to Velo. Velo is a sociale economy company that provides education, guidance and work experience to people with a large distance to the regular labour market. They aim to facilitate a transition into regular employment. Aside from these social goals, Velo works on  better bicycle transportation in Leuven.
Velo does repairs on both their Velo rental bikes as your own personal bike. Are you currently renting a Velo bike or LeV bike? Then repairs are included in your rental contract and thus free. For small repairs you can stop by the bicycle point at Leuven station.

Renting a bike

Velo is also the place to be for renting a bike. There are two options: the newer leV bikes, specially designed for KU Leuven, and the secondhand bikes. These last types of bikes are assembled by Velo staff member in an educational program and  consist of parts recycled from bicycle wrecks. You’ll find more information on the conditions and prices on their website.

For the route between Leuven station and your campus, a blue bike subscription could be useful. For short periods of time, rental bikes are available at the Leuven Bicycle point.

Theft and safety

Correct cycling in Leuven

In Leuven you can travel easily and fast by bicycle.

Since the introduction of the new traffic circulation plan, the city centre is divided in 5 city zones, a local traffic area and a pedestrian area.

In the local traffic area and in the different city zones you can cycle everywhere, also from one zone to another. You have to take into account the permitted driving direction indicated on road signs.

In the pedestrian area you cannot cycle everywhere. This is indicated by special road signs. For cyclists, the situation depends on the location.

  1. Pedestrian area type 1

  • In some streets it is prohibited to cycle (see picture 1): eg. Muntstraat, Boekhandelstraat, Joseph Vounckplein
  • In some streets you can cycle from 6.30 p.m. to 11 a.m. (see picture 2): eg. Diestsestraat, Vaartstraat (between Rijschoolstraat and Bondgenotenlaan), Mechelsestraat
  • In all other streets of pedestrian area type 1 you can cycle at a footpace (see picture 3). 
  • Important: in pedestrian area type 1 bicyclists have to leave the passage open for pedestrians and need to stop if necessary. Bicyclists may not bring pedestrians in a dangerous situation and may not hinder them.
  1. Pedestrian area type 2

  • You can always cycle here, but you have to take into account the driving directions on the road signs.

Driving through a red traffic light, driving the wrong way down a one-way street or cycling at night without lights on your bicycle - these traffic offences will not be tolerated in Leuven. Every passenger on a bicycle must have a seat and a footrest. No one is allowed to sit on the luggage rack. Extra notice is being taken of bicycle lights so make sure they always work properly!

You can find an overview of the different traffic rules in this online guide!


Bicycle helmet

Traffic accidents can have severe consequences. As a cyclist, it’s best to protect your head with a bicycle helmet. However, there's no obligation to do so in Belgium.


Your rights as a cyclist

If you are hit by a car, the driver is liable for your physical injuries, even if the accident wasn’t his/her fault. The material damage must be paid for by the offender. This may be the cyclist.

If you become a member of ‘de fietsersbond’ (€23 a year), you get a discount on VAB-breakdown assistance, discount on a full-omnium bike insurance, and discount at 180 bicyclestores.


A well-equipped bicycle

Your bicycle must be equipped with the following to legally in order:

  • a bicycle bell
  • 2 adequate brakes
  • yellow or orange reflectors on the pedals
  • 1 white or yellow front light
  • 1 red rear light
  • 1 white front reflector
  • 1 red rear reflector
  • 2 yellow or orange side reflectors or reflective strips on the tires (front and rear)


Bicycle registration

If you don’t rent a bicycle, it is important to have it engraved with your ID- number. This is no guarantee against theft, but it helps to prevent theft and makes it easier for the police to retrieve your bicycle if it does get stolen. 
You can have your bicycle engraved free of charge at:


Bicycle theft prevention

  • Always lock your bicycle (even when leaving it for a short while).
  • Always anchor your bicycle to a fixed object (a pole, fence, bicycle rack,…) but not to traffic signs.
  • Use a decent lock: no combination numbers, locks with thin chains or thin cables.
  • Make sure that removing your bicycle takes a lot of time.
  • Park your bicycle in a safe, visible place (preferably a bicycle rack) and avoid deserted, unlit places.
  • If your bicycle gets stolen, it is important to have a good description of what it looks like; this can help you recover the bicycle.

Report bicycle theft

If your bicycle is stolen, always report the theft immediately at the police station!
Bicycle theft report forms can be filled out:

  • at the offices of VELO
  • at Pangaea
  • at your faculty secretariat
  • at the police office
  • at De Moete (the student police officer)
  • at the railway station (the railway police)
  • at the doorman of Gasthuisberg