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Public transport


bus2.jpgThe bus will take you wherever you want to go in and around Leuven. For all information about timetables, bus lines and tickets you can go to the 'Lijnwinkel' (in front of Leuven station). Timetables can also be consulted online. Online information on bus lines and tickets is only available in Dutch:

The routes of the buslines in Leuven can easily be found on the Bicycle and Bus map (pdf).

If you need help finding the right info, feel free to contact the mobility advisor of the Student Services.


Student bus pass

All students of KU Leuven, UC Leuven-Limburg in Leuven and LUCA School of Arts campus Lemmens can request a student bus pass when they enroll. A cost of € 20 will be charged. This pass enables students to use the regular bus lines within the Leuven area. However, if your travel destination lies outside the Leuven area, you will have to buy a regular ticket when boarding the bus. In that case, the cheapest option is using a pre-paid ticket for 10 trips (€14).

The student bus pass is valid for one academic year and is partially financed by the city and the various institutions of higher education in Leuven.

The rules:

  • Insert the bus pass in the yellow device every time you board a bus. Keep your bus pass in a safe place where it doesn’t get folded or damaged so that it won’t  block the device.
  • To avoid abuse, write down your first and last name on the pass. This must be the same name that is printed on your student card. This card is for personal use only, and you are personally liable if it is used incorrect.
  • Make sure you always have your student card with you. The student bus pass is only valid in combination with your student card. The driver and bus conductors may ask you to present both at any time.
  • In case your card got stolen or lost, you can obtain a new card for € 20. If your bus pass does not function anymore, you can exchange it at Student Administration for free. However, this is only possible if all information on the card is still readable.
  • In case of unlawful or incorrect use of the student bus pass, the fines of De Lijn are applied and are imposed on the original owner of the bus pass. Examples of offences: exceeding the Leuven area without paying for the extra zones, use by a person who is not allowed to use a student bus pass or using a bus pass that does not have a first and last name written on it, using a bus pass of another institution, using a bus pass other than your own.


Student shuttle

The student shuttle commutes between Leuven railway station and Campus Heverlee every 15 minutes every Sunday evening of the academic year.


Ring bus

Bus number 600 travels around the ring of Leuven, stopping at various places on the ring. It is a very fast way to travel around the city as you avoid crossing through the city centre. This bus is only available on weekdays and passes by every 10 minutes between 6 am and 8 pm.


Night bus

Most public transport is not available at night. There are, however, some exceptions. This website gives you an overview of the night busses in Leuven (only in Dutch). These are intended to ensure that you arrive home safely at night and are available after 10 pm.


Bus routes

The routes of the bus lines in Leuven can easily be found on the Bicycle and Bus map (pdf).

Time schedules can easily be found on the website of De Lijn (only in Dutch) and of the NMBS (rail company).


Taking the bus outside Leuven

bus.jpgIf you want to travel outside the Leuven area, or if you are not eligible to receive a student bus pass, there are some interesting formulas.

Until your 25th birthday you can travel with a Buzzy Pazz (€ 182) and if you are older than 25, you can buy an Omnipas (€ 237). These tickets enable you to travel on all the bus lines throughout Flanders - without limitations - for one year.

If you only need to travel outside the Leuven area sporadically, you can buy a single ticket or a 10-trip ticket. It is cheaper to buy a 10-trip ticket (€ 10) in advance at the De Lijn shop than to buy individual tickets. Many supermarkets and newsagents also sell 10-trip tickets. Buying an individual ticket on the bus is much more expensive (€2 for one trip)!



trein.jpgLeuven is an important hub in the Belgian railway network. From Leuven station, there are connections to every other major Belgian train station. There are various international connections in the railway stations of Brussels (Leuven - Brussels = approx. 20 minutes).

The train station is conveniently located at the edge of the city centre. Most university buildings in the city centre are located at walking distance from the railway station (max. 2 km); almost all busses in and around Leuven stop at the railway station and pass through the city centre.

All information, such as travel formulas, the best connections and itineraries can be found online: For the cheapest formula, check out this website: New computing module to determine the most suitable travel package for your train journey.

An interesting formula for occasional traveling to other Belgian cities is the Go Pass 10. This pass (valid for people under 26) costs €50 and gives you 10 one-way trips to and from any Belgian railway station you want. If you are over 25, you can buy a Railpass (10 trips for €76).