Our students and researchers will guide you on five special walks along famous and less famous locations linked to KU Leuven, the oldest and highest-ranked university of the Low Countries. Including:

  • a unique glimpse into historical university buildings
  • insider tips from our students
  • interesting facts about the university, its history, and its research
  • exclusive interviews with top-level researchers, including world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, beer expert Kevin Verstrepen, and Peter ‘CSI Leuven’ Claes.

Show the app and get discounted entry to the university library tower!


  • Do I need an internet connection to use the app?
    The app contains clips in which our guides elaborate on every location. You may want to download these clips when you are connected to WiFi network. This can be done easily when opening a walk in the app.
  • What if I do not want the app to use my current location?
    You don’t need to let the app use your current location, but it will make it easier to orientate yourself on the map.

If you have any comments or questions relating to the app, don’t hesitate to let us know: universitytours@kuleuven.be

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